Elite Installation is a professional and experienced installer of swing sets and play sets for both residential and commercial use. We have been installing swing sets since 2003 and have successfully installed over 50,000 swing sets across a broad range of manufacturers including Backyard Discovery, Gorilla Playsets, Willy Goat and many more! As certified swing set installers, we are contracted to perform thousands of swing set installations throughout the U.S. each year.

In additional to swing set assembly, Elite Installation specializes in trampoline and basketball goal assembly. For trampolines, we are experts in installing Spring Free, Vuly and AlleyOop Sports trampolines but can also assemble any above ground trampoline. For basketball goals, we specialize in Goal Setter and Goalrilla basketball hoops but are able install any type of hoop, including in-ground and above ground goals.

Because of our extensive experience setting up swing sets, trampolines and basketball goals, our team is equipped to handle installations of many brands across many industries. Thanks to our network of thousands of installers across the U.S., we can efficiently reach you for a quality installation by a certified team that is ready to work for you.

At Elite Installation, we proudly stand behind our years of experience that allow us to provide superior installations for our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for your project, whether it is big or small.